Our master artisans meticulously handcraft each Aurora piece in North America, creating an exclusive collection of original design.


Aurora Ammolte comes directly from the Aurora Mine, how to write annotated bibliography mla essaywriterusa com assuring you the finest gem quality and selection.


Your peace of mind is assured by our conditional life time warranty against faulty craftsmanship.


From our environmental stewardship at our Ammolite Mine to our supply chain partnerships, we insist on the highest ethical standards, social responsibility and best business practices.

The AURORA Story

Operating a mine in Canada wasn’t something Richard Ando, founder and president of Aurora Ammolite, and Graduate Gemologist (trained at the world renowned Gemological Institute of America) had ever dreamt of, however when he first saw the raw and natural beauty of Ammolite, there was no turning back.

“What I love most about the jewelry we create is the feeling someone gets when they first try on their Aurora piece, their eyes light up in a way unlike anything else”

Aurora Ammolite has been bringing happiness and joy to our customers for the past 30 years by creating the most breathtaking, vibrant and beautiful, one-of-a-kind handcrafted jewelry.

Ammolite demands attention being one of the Rarest Gemstones on Earth, and it deserves a special kind of respect being 70 million years in the making.

Found only in a tiny region in southern Alberta, the demand for highest quality Ammolite has been increasing dramatically as world awareness for this very limited gemstone grows.

In our Studio in Calgary, Alberta our team of dedicated Master Goldsmiths create one-of-a kind pieces of stunning beauty that will be cherished by families for generations to , as only Ammolite can spark feelings of joy and contentment.

This is WHY at Aurora, we are committed to the highest standards, from responsible mining methods, to our ethical business practices, to handcrafting in North America.

We carefully select retail partners that have the how to write annotated bibliography mla essaywriterusa com same standards of service and excellence to ensure your  peace of , and only Aurora offers a Certificate of Authenticity and a lifetime limited guarantee.

Discover Aurora Ammolite and see the difference, wear Aurora Ammolite and feel the difference true joy and passion makes.